Spectacular Progress in Shoreline Cleanup During Last 6 Months

Fall 2012 Cleanup Progress Map

Fall 2012 Cleanup Progress Map

This map shows the length of shoreline cleared of trash and tires in the last 6 months by wonderful volunteers from Change the Triangle, NC Geocachers Org, GlaxoSmithKline, Triangle Trail Hikers and the general public at our NC Big Sweep event.

The latest effort has been at New Hope Overlook Jordan Lake State Recreation Area by the Triangle Trail Hikers and by yet another energetic group from GlaxoSmithKline.  Jon Holliday, the organizer of Triangle Trail Hikers flagged trash areas along the shoreline in November and recruited members to remove it.  Conn Harrington and crew from GlaxoSmithKline came with a pontoon boat to remove yet more trash at New Hope Overlook and another small section to the south.

The results are spectacular.  Walk or paddle along these 7 miles of shoreline and you will now see only natural beauty.  About 400 volunteers, each working 3 hours, accomplished this restoration.  They removed about 1,500 bags of trash (roughly 15 tons!) and 500 tires. None of this would have been possible without donated services and supplies from the Corps of Engineers, Chatham County Solid Waste & Recycling, Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, NC Big Sweep and NC Department of Transportation Highway Stormwater Program .

Even more impressive is what our volunteers have done since Fall 2009 -- over 1,600 volunteers, have removed 6,100 bags of trash and over 2,700 tires from 15 miles of shoreline.  Come join us and help make a difference!