Santa's Wish List-- A CJL Pontoon Boat



This sleek pontoon boat was graciously provided by Jordan Lake Water Sports to ferry our GlaxoSmithKline volunteers in October.  We have set our sights quite a bit lower but hope that Santa can bring our very own, used but serviceable pontoon boat. A CJL pontoon boat would help lessen the burden of boat support that has fallen on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and volunteers.  More groups want to do community service days and that often means ferrying large groups to remote sites.  A CJL pontoon boat would also be useful to survey trash along the shoreline in advance of cleanups.  An additional benefit would be increased visibility of CJL to recreational users of the lake.

Santa may be a little slow in arriving but our success in raising funds in 2013 gives us encouragement.  We are very grateful for contributions of $3,800.  Special recognition goes to the Jordan Hydroelectric Limited Partnership that owns and operates the Jordan Hydroelectric Project at the dam and generates clean energy.  The owners provided $2,500 as thanks not only for the CJL's protection of the shoreline but also for removing  lots of trash and tires that could have otherwise floated towards their intake structure.

Profits from the sales of our CJL Recipe Booklet and T-shirts (see our CJL Store at provided an additional $400 bringing the total income for 2013 to $4,200.  Of this, we need to reserve about $2,500 for operating expenses such as supply storage unit rental, liability insurance and website management.  A pre-owned pontoon boat is estimated at $5,000 so we have a long way yet to go.

If you can help Santa, we would be grateful.